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MCR Group, Inc. is an internationally recognized manufacturing company of high technology products, with over 15 years of experience. Their 500,000 square foot facility located in Guangdong, China, houses state of the art design, manufacturing and test equipment as well as a team of multi-disciplined engineers and skilled technicians, who are responsible for the design, manufacturing and testing of the highest quality products.

As an ISO 9001-2000 certified and RoHS compliant turn-key manufacturing company, MCR adheres to stringent quality and control procedurers, that include design, material inspection, manufacturing processes and product testing as well as administrative and sales services. MCR is divided into two primary divisions, as follow:

MCR Broadband: Manufacturer of RF Products, designed by its own multi-discipline engineering staff to meet customer and market stringent requirements. Product lines include CATV, DBS Satellite Distribution products and Structured Wiring Networking components and assemblies, utilizing coaxial cable as the transmission media.

MCR OTTAVO: Manufacturer of a line of audio products, designed to meet market requirements. Operating under MCR's Apple Inc. Made for iPod (MFI) and Works with iPhone (WWI) licenses and guidelines, OTTAVO offers a variety of modern and colorful Docking Stations for iPod, iPhone and iPad. In addition, it offers products for MP3 players, product accessories, and wireless interface technology.

MCR works closely with its customers, to ensure full understanding of their technical and product requirements, resulting in the most cost effective design and manufacturing processes.


OT1040 Audio System & Alarm Cock for iPod

OT1010 Audio System & Alarm Clock for iPod

"Made for Ipods"
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